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Anglais avec de la Musique

One of the best ways to learn English is through the medium of music. English is easier to understand when it is delivered in short clear chunks. Pronunciation and intonation are much easier to practice and to master when they are practised in the form of a song. And let's face it, we all like music. So, when we have the opportunity to study using something that both combines the elements favourable to success and it is also something that we like, it makes the whole learning process much more enjoyable.

At the English School in Cabestany, I offer a course where we learn English entirely using songs. Of course, the songs chosen need to be rich in important vocabulary, subject and grammar and need to be songs that you know or enjoy listening to. We debate meaning, play games and do activities based on the lyrics. We discuss and revise the grammar and vocabulary and finally, if you like, we can sing the songs together.

Each month we focus on a new song. It' s a great way to pick up lots of English as well as correct pronunciation and intonation and it's also a lot of fun.