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In an ever changing world it is becoming more and more important to be able to compete and communicate on an international level and unfortunately many teenagers and young adults find out too late how important it is to be able to speak English if you want to have a successful career. The great thing though is that children pick up new langauges very easily and with the great method used at The English School in Cabestany, your children will be understanding all sorts of accents and and expressing themselves in English in no time. 


The approach to learning English used at The English School in Cabestany works by engaging all of the learners' senses and appealing to a wide range of learning styles. Children are engaged visually through the simple but striking graphics, orally through the simple chants and songs and limited amounts of graded vocabulary input and kinaesthetically through the actions and games. Because all of the learning tasks are organised as game-like activities, children are immediately motivated to take part.

Here is a short story to get your children started:


Simple, fun and very effective!

 Also, when you take an English course for your child you have special and exclusive access to all of the songs and games used in the classroom.

This means that your children will be able to practice exactly what they have learned in each lesson, at home on the computer in the form of interactive games, songs and mini English lessons. It’s a fantastic way for your child to learn and immediate results are guaranteed!

    Vous voulez que vos enfants soient inclus dans cette 'aventure' ? Contactez moi au plus vite pour réserver une place pour la rentrée.